The three day conference will have a rich feast of Academics, focussing on major areas of interest in the field of Tuberculosis and Respiratory disorder. The conference will lay special emphasis on interactive sessions, to improve participation by delegates.

Sr. No. Topic Sr. No. Topic
1 Epidemiology of TB 19 Pulmonary rehabilitation
2 COPD 20 Information Technology in Respiratory Diseases
3 Asthma 21 Indoor and outdoor Pollution
4 Pneumonia 22 Air borne infection control
5 Covid, Post Covid & Omicron Variant 23 Nutrition and TB
6 ILD 24 Geriatric TB
7 NTEP, HIV-TB, MDR-TB, XDR-TB 25 Newer Technology in TB
8 TB Diagnostics – Genome and Sequencing 26 Universal access to TB Care
9 Sleep-Disordered Breathing 27 Role of Civil Society in TB prevention and cure
10 Public & Private Partnership for DOTS Implementation 28 Role of nurses and para-medics in tuberculosis control
11 Tobacco & Lung Health 29 Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria
12 Paediatric Tuberculosis 30 Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis
13 Bird Flu (Avian Influenza) 31 Newer drugs and vaccines
14 Surgery in Pulmonary Tuberculosis 32 Genetics and Immunology in Tuberculosis
15 Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilisation (ACSM) 33 Lung Cancer
16 Socio-behavioural studies in HIV & TB 34 Vaccinations in Chest Practice
17 Lung Health 35 Immunotherapy
18 TB & Diabetes    

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